Sheriff got your tongue?

Sheriff got your tongue?

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this blog is now specifically a robin hood bbc blog. this blog served a wonderful purpose when i was invested in a lot of the things i made it for, but most of those interests have since fizzled. the few things i am still currently jazzed about, like game of thrones and lotr/the hobbit can just be moved over to my main blog. i still love making and reblogging things for robin hood and having a place to do that is lovely, so that’s what this will be this blog’s new purpose. plus, i think i will be more inclined to keep up with it if i’m not feeling obligated to blog about a lot of things i’ve quite frankly gotten out of touch with or am still liking, but not necessarily wanting to post about anymore. yeah, that’s about it.

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Will you tolerate this?

Will you tolerate this?

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reblogginhood replied to your post: reblogginhood replied to your post: …

Oh! Right! haha, I have an excellent memory. ;) Thank you!! Really, the gifs are just beautiful.

Hahaha sounds like my memory, which is why it has taken forever to make them, oops! I’m so glad you like them though!

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wait—why am I tagged on this? Not that I am complaining AT ALL, mind you! This is gorgeous! :)

you brought up this scene when i was asking for suggestions to gif a few weeks ago so i just wanted to make sure you saw it! :D

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"Is it such a difficult choice between death and being my wife?" 

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